Election Information

If you are interested in becoming a board member for the BSNA please email a BSNA Officer. Please include what position you would like to run for and prepare a 1-2 minute speech to be given at the March meeting. Being involved with BSNA is very rewarding and is a great way to boost a resumé .

For more information about each position and what it entails please contact the person currently holding the position or read over our Bylaws. Contact information is listed here


Section 1 - Elections of Officers

A. Voting membership is defined as having attended one BSNA meeting in the academic calendar year prior to the elections of the new Board of Directors.

B. Elections shall follow the state election but precede the annual NSNA Convention. Appropriate notification shall be given to the membership at large prior to election.

C. Candidates nominated for a position must attend the annual election meeting and present a speech of no more than two minutes or submit a written presentation to the President to be presented in the case of an emergency.

D. All candidates nominated must either be current NSNA members at the time of election or become members within 30 days of being elected and must maintain membership during their term of office.

E. To facilitate smooth transition following elections, a 60 day period of mentorship shall occur. The newly elected board shall be considered Board-elect positions and the current board will remain in place until the 60 day period has expired. The following tasks should be completed during the mentorship period: orientation of BSNA organizational structure and bylaws, familiarization of basic Robert's Rules of Order, education of the responsibilities and duties specific to the Board position, transfer of official notebook for the position, relinquishment of all records to the incoming Board member, provision of an orientation packet to include a copy of BSNA bylaws, "8 Steps to Making a Motion", and NSNA "Getting the Pieces to Fit".

F. All elections shall be by secret ballot. Each member voting shall receive one ballot after membership has been verified.

G. Members shall not vote by absentee ballot.

H. A plurality vote of the members entitled to vote and voting shall constitute an official election. Election will be rescheduled in the event that the voting body is less than 15 members present.

I. Vacancies of any office shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors.

J. For the Accelerated Class, voting for the Accelerated Representation with occur during the summer and the current Accelerated Representation will run this election. This representative will be chosen by a majority vote of the new accelerated class.